samedi 11 juin 2011

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Spinoza was a hard determinist. Comatibiloism is also called soft determinism. I fnd compatiblism just fine: my psychological being told me to seek counseling and with that counseling I received medicine and thereby my determinants of slight paranoia and terminal shyness changed for the better! My old dterminants made for the new ones as I fathom matters.
I can anticIpate some thoughts as I wnat them to occur. But wanting them to occur depends on my determinants.
Let's have have a thorough-going discussion! And how does determinism relate to predestination?Were threr God, how could we have any kind of ree will if He knows our future a ctions?
As the article notes, had we that contra-causal [causeless] free will, we'd be at the command of unknown forces. Would we?
Our freeedom depends on causes over which we have some control,but never enough to think that we have contra-causal fre will!

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