samedi 4 juin 2011

The Blog : Morality Without “Free Will” : Sam Harris

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  1. Newton Leroy Grigrich is bigoted against the poor. He overlooks that most do work hard but receive low pay or have to receive government help due to unemployment as do others. Food stamps and unemployment insurance do not cause people not to seek work;no, lack of jobs does that.
    Rep. Ron Paul, Sen. "Ayn" Rand Paul and other libertarians reinforce racism by being extremists about the right to property. When people sell their homes or sell to the public, they must not discriminate; no absolute right to property ensues; indeed as part of the Social Contract, embedded in the Constitution, is that government must assure that no discrimination ensues in public matters.
    No Herman Caine, no plantation mentality exists,but instead people put their real self-interest at work in voting Democratic!
    Conservatives/libertarians thus err about the poor and racial matters. They're reactionaries. Their policies would put us on the road to serfdom! Our mixed- economy, the regulated,free market is the known idead!
    From Edmund Burke to Herbert Spencer to Sarah Palin, conservatives have fought against our rights and liberties! Spencer-Randism is out of place for us all.