dimanche 5 juin 2011

Arguments about Him-... - Carneades#NickName_2545461

Chrysippus argues that as a building requires a building , the world requires a builder superior to humankind, but Carneades eviscerate that argument, noting that the former used the question-begging term builder rather than what forms matters. Indeed, the argument itself begs the question of intent that Thales and Strato try to dispel from empirical matters.
 Carneades thus eviscerates teleological eons before David Hume does. Carneades is then the first atheologian as well as the first ignostic.
 Azn4. andRikki.. and others, please add content to this blog! It is for us all to better our argumentation pro or con!

How could anyone even try to overcome these arguments?
Whether people start with theology and find it lacking and therefore, why study arguments for His existence or vice-versa, no God can possibly exist, and that isn't dogmatic but rather the result of analysis such that no naturalist has to traverse the Cosmos or have omniscience herself!

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