dimanche 19 décembre 2010


 Fellow liberals and other people of conscience, how do we get Obama-Biden-Holder to indict former Pres. George Walker Bush and former V.P. Richard Cheney as proud, self-admitted endorsers of torture- water boarding, which by the way led to nothing whereas the original inquiry led to results?
 Ti's no good to maintain that we have to go forward as justice demands otherwise. No officials are above the law, and those two miscreants did violence to our dear Constitution with the torture and the renditions that led to torture and the violation of FISA.
 Please help bring those two fools to justice!
 And please leave a reply here on how to do so!

samedi 16 octobre 2010

Those sickos

How about those who want to take away our safety net? They howl about big government and the need to cut spending. They mean to ax vital programs that help us to live that more abundant life. Social Security is  more than a pension; it provides benefits for ones surviving spouse and any children. It is there for those of us who become disable to work. Some depend on only it and for some it helps to stay in the middle class. Instead of inching up the retirement age, especially for the manually  employed and those in dangerous fields, all earnings of everyone should be tax such the rich will pay more to help the rest.
 Medicare-Medicaid  are better generally than private insurance. Indeed, instead of that insurance, everyone should be on one or the other. All three programs have low overhead!
  Free markets just cannot operate as efficiently with their high overhead. Profits do not lead to better care.
Those who prattle that I'm from the government here to help you as some joke prey on us in that that would apply to those libertarians in government who ever try to diminish the safety net!
 The it's your money, and you should be able to use it as you wish, ignore that taxes our our moneys used for collective action for necessary benefits for each of us
 Those prattling for limited government state ever play down the need for  safety and health concerns. The General Welfare Clause[ Article I, Section VII] and the Commerce Clause ,in effect, requires the federal government do for us  what we cannot do for ourselves. The safety net doesn't rob us of any initiative to work. Scandinavia has  a   better safety net that allows people more freedom to start new businesses.  How many can live well off the minimum wage/ It's vital for many people, and indeed we should opt for the living wage instead1 Studies do show that the minimum wage does not result in fewer jobs, but indeed help those above it also.
  High taxes on the rich encourages them indeed to work harder and,- yes, find tax shelters, to which we can attend.
  We need trickle-up economics! Whenever the rich pay more, they provide education and other services that enable others to end up buying more from them1
  We need  a regulated free market so as to encourage all to act responsibly!
 We need efficient government whatever the size. More government functions and more civil liberties make for  a blessed people rather than take us down Friedrich von Hayek's " Road to Serfdom!" Indeed his vision of a just society would itself make for serfdom- monopolies, unjust market conditions for children and workers and other reactionary matters!
 We should ever query what do we need and how do we pay for it rather than apply the libertarian strait jacket to have the near anarchic, the minarchic vision-that dystopia!
 We civil libertarians ever try to limit governmental powers that would violate the Ten Amendments and what the Supreme Court finds entwine in the Constitution- that living document.
 How can we make any level of government more efficient and provide needed services? I salute those like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett not only themselves donate most of their money to charity but encourage others like themselves to do so and- desire to pay more in taxes; they also provide jobs for many. No,don't' give away all your money to the poor for celestial nothingness but provide them with better jobs and help the safety net as that is in your self-interest! The common interest rather than the selfish interest is in all of our interests!
Google" Liberalism Resurgent" for vital information on how liberalism aids the economy and how libertarianism is not in our self-interest!