mercredi 25 mai 2011

Review of "In Defense of Miracles"

Review of In Defense of Miracles (1999, 2005)

Richard Carrier


In Defense of Miracles (cover)

1. Summary
2. What's Good and Bad

3. The Philosophical Problem

(a) The Shaky Groundwork of Corduan and Purtill
(b) Nash on Naturalism vs. Christian Theism
(c) Moreland's "Christian Science"
(d) Beck's Argument for God

4. The Historical Problem

(a) Beckwith on Historiography
(b) Geivett's Exercise in Hyperbole
(c) Clark's Survey of Other Religions
(d) Newman on Prophecy as Miracle
(e) Craig's Empty Tomb & Habermas on Visions

Hume's corollary to the presumption of naturalism requres evidence to validate miracles. But we skeptics find that people misremember things, want to believe in miracles and otherwise people have a predisposition to believe in miracles. We find only natural forces at work, and often fraud intrudes.
Gppgle Richard Carrier for his most excellent essays and books.

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